At WorkMoves Consulting Inc., we help you to drive and sustain workplace performance, particularly in the face of change. We recognize the need for responsive solutions that support performance at work. Solutions that are practical, that add a sense of clarity to your work and that make a difference in how you and your team respond to the realities you face at work every day - wherever you happen to be in the business life cycle.

Consider some of the realities that may be impacting performance in your workplace.

Reality / Response


Business and operational changes

Changed work processes, roles and responsibilities

High turnover and staff reductions

Potential loss of knowledge and expertise

Inconsistent on-the-job performance

Complex, decentralized information

Our Response

Communicate to support business, operational and organizational change. Ensure employees, clients and stakeholders have the knowledge that will help them and your organization move forward successfully.

Create models of performance to outline new processes and responsibilities, linking them to business and service delivery objectives. Provide context to enable optimum performance.

Enable the rapid orientation of new employees - or those taking on new responsibilities - in a fraction of the time and cost that traditional on-the-job training requires.

Implement a knowledge capture and transfer strategy. Retain and operationalize ‘know-how’ to drive performance.

Develop intuitive performance support tools to promote understanding and ‘know-how’. Close the gap between training and job performance. Enable competency, job satisfaction and operational results.

Take steps to capture, simplify and organize content – in all media – so that it is readily available for answering questions, encouraging good decisions and supporting performance.

How can you implement strategies that effectively respond to the realities that can impact performance? How can you ensure ongoing performance even in the midst of change?

WorkMoves’ service framework recognizes that assessing and responding to an organization’s performance needs will happen in a continuum. While there is a discipline, or rigour, to enabling performance, it must also allow for an intervention process that ensures any change or initiative responds not only to the needs of the organization but to the people who are working hard to make it all happen.

We will help you:

Communicate to align business awareness, strategy and performance.

Model a sustainable blueprint for performance.

Implement the strategies and tools that support performance.

Assess / support performance needs to cultivate and sustain a change-ready workplace.

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