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It’s not difficult envisioning the workplace performance results we want. For example, if deploying a new software application or business process, we want employees to embrace the change and successfully apply the new business practices in their day-to-day work. Or, we may want to increase the efficiency of orienting and training new staff so the process is consistent, saves time, and gets employees ‘up to speed’ quickly. On the other hand, we may simply want to stabilize on-the-job performance, or ensure legislative and policy compliance.

Implementing the performance model that is needed to achieve these objectives is a critical step on the road to optimum workplace operations. The challenge lies in understanding not only how to develop the skills and knowledge employees will need, but in ensuring they have what is needed to sustain the desired level of performance. For example, while training has often been seen as the key to resolving performance issues, it may not be the right solution in every case. Or, if training is required, you will want to take steps to close the gap between learning and on-the-job performance.

Regardless of the knowledge transfer strategy you select, you will want to ensure that it genuinely supports employees’ needs. Remember, too, that your audience (employees, stakeholders, clients) desires clarity. With so many topics and issues competing for their attention, make it easy for them to see and understand what is expected of them, how they can apply it to their day-to-day work activities, and how they will benefit from doing so. Support their professional performance at work by eliminating the guesswork. Provide quick and easy access to the answers and support they need. Then make sure to evaluate how successful your strategy has been, identifying where improvements or adjustments may be required.

Strong workplace performance doesn’t happen by chance. It’s a marriage of personality, skills, knowledge and the right level of support so that employees are empowered to perform at their optimum potential.


  • Orientation and training programs
  • Performance support solutions
  • Information flow and content design (print and online)
  • Training development and delivery
  • Workplace performance coaching and support


  • Orientation methods and processes
  • Rapid Response Orientation Strategy (R.R.O.S.)™ performance support strategies and tools
  • Learning products
  • Web and multimedia products
  • Data visualization

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