Learning and Performance Support

When employees have access to relevant work-related information, knowledge and tools, it supports their on-the-job performance, enabling them to make sense of what is happening around them, even in the face of constant change. When this support is easy to access and easy to use, it saves time and money, enhances understanding and learning, and empowers employees across the organization to achieve their performance potential.

Effective learning and performance support solutions can reduce the need for formal training and can rapidly orient employees and clients to work processes, program or policy requirements, and other business requirements.

Let WorkMoves Consulting Inc. show you how to enable optimum performance in your workplace.

WorkMoves Consulting Inc.

WorkMoves Consulting Inc. is a federally incorporated company with its head office in Ottawa, Ontario. Its two senior associates have worked together over the past 16 years, along with associate subject matter experts and consultants, to complete over 100 projects creating workplace learning and performance support strategies for both private and public sector clients.

Our passion is all about helping employees (at all levels), as well as internal clients and stakeholders, to have quick and easy access to the information and knowledge they need to achieve their performance potential. It’s a simple concept – but rather challenging to implement without a tested methodology that enables rapid learning and successful performance in a changing work environment.

At WorkMoves Consulting Inc., we provide dynamic solutions that support and enable optimum workplace performance. We specialize in creating sustainable learning and performance support strategies and work tools that respond to today’s rapidly changing workplace.

Are you dealing with high turnover? Do you risk losing the knowledge of departing employees? Are you anticipating changes to technology or work processes? Will you will be introducing a new service? Will you need to keep offering the same services, but with less staff? These are just some of the challenges you may be facing in your workplace.

If your organization is experiencing issues that are impacting performance, we can help you overcome those challenges in a way that is responsive, practical and meaningful. The result? You can meet your performance objectives in spite of change and uncertainty.

WorkMoves Consulting Inc.

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